You may ask why we need a new generation fundraising platform like Fanpad.
First of all, let us walk you through the existing issues that many launchpads are facing.
There are four factors to evaluate a Launchpad platform:
  • Fair distribution mechanism among participants
  • Total raising fund for projects
  • Non-financial incentives for projects
  • Ability to evaluate projects

Distribution Mechanism

Most Launchpad platforms now use a distribution mechanism based on the amount of launchpad token holdings. The larger the token holdings, the more tokens are distributed.
This is a "improper" distribution mechanism because the benefits are highly concentrated for those with huge funds, or the richer.
That’s why Fanpad aims to build a fair mechanism in which each participant has an equal chance to buy IDO tokens.
To do that, FANPAD uses a scoring mechanism to calculate the support of each user. So besides the amount of launchpad tokens holding, these factors are also taken into account:
  • Loyalty: The longer a user commits to holding Launchpad tokens, the more privileges they will receive
  • Activity: The more active users are, the more privileges they will receive. Launchpad activities include providing liquidity for launchpad tokens, social tasks, participating in launchpad events, etc
All these factors will as well determine users' Tiers. The allocation will be distributed according to the Tiers of users.

Total Raised Fund

As previously explained, current launchpads use the allocation mechanism to divide the allocation into different pools.
That is the reason why many IDO events cannot reach the hard cap.
FANPAD has 2 ways to participate in a Token Sale:
  • Lottery/Raffle (Based on Tiers Classification)
  • Public Round
=> After that it will be Allocation Distribution where participants deposit funds in accordance with the ticket size to confirm their purchases.
With these options, users will have many opportunities to participate in the token sales, helping projects raise the maximum fund.

Non-Financial Incentives

FANPAD not only supports fundraising process but also supports other aspect of the projects to grow hacking a new project such as:
  • Audit Smart Contract
  • Tokenomic Advisory
  • Marketing and Promoting
  • Strategic Consulting
With these supports, projects can better prepare themselves to move closer towards success.

Project Evaluation

Finally, FANPAD's mission is to protect users' investments. Therefore, the FanPad team always prioritizes prestigiousness. With smart contract audit partners, investment funds, and dedicated communities, FANPAD has the capacity to audit good projects and avoid scammers.