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Support EVM Compatible Chains

Bringing Investment Opportunities to Fantom community

FANPAD supports EVM Compatible Chains
Besides operating on Fantom, FANPAD also aims to raise funds for projects from EVM Compatible Chains: Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Avalanche, Polygon,... on Fantom.
FANPAD helps you raise capital for your projects from any EVM blockchain.
By doing this, FANPAD can support projects from all EVM compatible chains approach capital sources on Fantom Chain and bring investment opportunities to Fantom community.
FANPAD aims to make big impact and contribution to the expansion of Fantom in general and FANPAD in particular.

How it works?

When projects from other EVM Chains connect with FANPAD for fundraising, FANPAD will help them raise funds on Fantom Chain.
How it works
  • $FAN Tokens and Tier Classification only work on Fantom.
  • Fundraising Currency will be in USDC of Fantom.
  • Investors will receive projects' tokens based on the networks of those projects.
Reminder: Investors will need to enter KYC, hold $FAN tokens, stake them and earn xFAN to have their Tiers confirmed. Only by then can Investors be eligible to invest in the projects.