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How can FANPAD support projects?

Here are the 6 major features FANPAD can support projects:
FANPAD's Major Features
  • Fundraising: As a fundraising platform, FANPAD can assist projects in raising funds effectively with fair distribution mechanism.
  • Legal: FANPAD's leading crypto specialist partners can help you exercise your rights and obligations from the beginning.
  • Advisory: FANPAD assists projects in developing a cohesive growth and marketing strategy, as well as advising projects on the best course of action for fund-raising and launch.
  • Partnerships: With the large network of partners, KOL and communities, FANPAD can help projects expand and grow through marketing and promoting support.
  • Audit: Apart from promoting your projects, FANPAD can help you connect to our Audit partners to review, advice and secure your project's Smart Contract.
  • Tokenomics: FANPAD can review and give advise on the design of your tokenomics to ensure fundraising and support your ecosystem for a stable and long-term future.