You can earn FAN tokens and xFAN points on FANPAD by staking FAN tokens and LP tokens with lock period.
That's right, stake to earn FAN and xFAN.
Users will receive FAN tokens as incentive rewards in which users can claim anytime.
FAN tokens and LP tokens must be locked for a minimum locktime of 14 days. By locking in the staking contract, users will receive an amount of xFAN points.
xFAN points are not transferrable.
The amount of xFAN received is calculated based on the amount of FAN tokens and LP tokens locked.
If the FAN tokens and LP tokens are withdrawn from Staking, users will not be able to receive xFAN and lose all their current xFAN points. However, it is possible to increase the amount of staked FAN tokens and LP tokens.
xFAN points qualify the user for Tier classification.
Details will be updated soon!