How to participate IDO

In order to participate in IDO of projects on FANPAD, you need to have xFAN.

What is xFAN?

xFAN is the entry point required to be eligible to participate in IDO of projects, in which the amount of xFAN you hold will determine your FANPAD Tier. xFAN can only be acquired through staking FAN token or LP token.

How to get xFAN?

Users accumulate points through below activities:
  • Locked FAN Staking:
    • Locked FAN Staking produces x1 xFAN
  • Locked LP Token Staking:
    • LP Token Staking produces xN xFAN (N>1)
While staking FAN or LP token, users receive an amount of FAN as the FANPAD incentive rewards, encouraging users to get more involved in FANPAD’s activities. Rewards accumulated from Staking can be claimed anytime.
If users remove Staking, they will lose their xFAN which will result in losing Tiers.
Users can add more tokens to Staking to earn more xFAN.
*Notice: Staking requires at least 14-day lock up to earn xFAN.